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Many of Mrs. Hsu's customers have become aware of the growing threat to their health because of parasites. They realize that parasitic infestations are no longer a problem just for people somewhere else.

Sure, "Montezuma's Revenge" and other aptly named intestinal problems have befallen travelers to Mexico and other "poorer" nations for many years. Even so, it is important to reemphasize that by some estimates as many as 90 percent of Americans carry unwanted parasites in their system, AND...DON'T KNOW THAT THEY DO!

The question that is always placed before Mrs. Hsu is therefore: "How do I know that I have parasites?" One surefire way to answer that question would be get on Mrs. Hsu's Internal Cleansing Program and include her Parasite Package in the deal. Then place close attention to your toilet bowl and see what's there that shouldn't have been inside of you all along. It's not a favorite party topic, but in this case, what you don't know will definitely hurt you!


One reason why it is hard to answer this question is that parasites in your body can create a large number of health problems with symptoms that can easily be misdiagnosed. Here are some examples:

TIREDNESS: Parasites take up valuable nutrition designed for your body, not these unwanted "renters." Improper absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and especially vitamins, can lead to chronic fatigue and with it impaired concentration and memory problems.

IMMUNE SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION: The immune system can react to these invaders as ever present threats, which is what they are of course, but the immune system has no ability to actually eliminate them, as would be the case with viral or bacterial agents. This ongoing response can leave the immune system exhausted and therefore unable to cope with "real" infections.

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME: When parasites impair the health of your intestinal walls, which is immensely crucial for overall body health, irritation and inflammation can occur. Pain and diarrhea are a couple of results.

GAS AND BLOATING: Those symptoms can of course be caused by hard to digest foods or even the introduction of large amounts of fiber, but they are of a more serious nature when caused by the inflammation of small intestinal tissue by parasites living there.

DIARRHEA: Some parasites produce a hormone like substance which creates a sodium and chloride loss that leads to this unpleasant condition.

CONSTIPATION: Some worms can be become 30 -40 feet long. Imagine such a creature living in your intestines. By the sheer size they can physically obstruct the intestinal tract making elimination difficult.

ALLERGY: Beyond simply irritating the wall of your intestines, parasites can penetrate the intestinal linking, making it possible for large undigested molecules to activate the body's immune system. Like other allergies, parasites can trigger an increase in the production of immunoglobin. Some joint and muscle pain and inflammation are the result of tissue damage caused by some parasites and the body's ongoing immune response to their presence.

TOOTH GRINDING: Abnormal grinding of teeth, especially in sleeping children has been linked with parasitic infection.

WEIGHT PROBLEM: Both weight loss and weight gain can be caused by these parasitic creatures.

Parasite Package

DC1 (Digestive Cleanser)

Adults: Take 2 capsules just before meals, three times a daily.
Children 4-10: One-half adult dosage.
Under age 4: 2 capsules a day for 4 days.


Adults: Take 2 capsules three times with meals until botle is empty.
Children Under 10: 1 capsule a day for 60 days.
Children Under age 4: 1/2 capsule a day for 4 days.

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Parasites, the Unrecognized Plague of Our Time? - written by Garcia Thompson.