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DC1 (Digestive Cleanser)

Adults: Take 2 capsules just before meals, three times a daily.
Children 4-10: One-half adult dosage.
Under age 4: 2 capsules a day for 4 days.


Adults: Take 2 capsules three times with meals until botle is empty.
Children Under 10: 1 capsule a day for 60 days.
Children Under age 4: 1/2 capsule a day for 4 days.

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How does parasite package work?


The special grouping of herbs in DC1 formula provides a gentle laxative effect, a mild stimulant, a digestive aid and a natural antibiotic for healing the mucus membrane. Dormant muscles are brought back into use (peristalsis) and the fecal matter no longer paralyzes the colon.

Result: Old fecal matter and encrustations covering warm nests begin to break loose allowing a natural acceleration of internal cleansing of the body through the bowels.


Dia-Min and worms are natural enemies. The diatomacious earth shreds these parasites and their eggs, and causes the worm to let go. Since it takes 20 days (gestation period) for a worm to produce the eggs, it's important to follow the program daily for a minimum of 20 days. If you miss a day, you will have to start over again. Worms cause anybody to be more susceptible to disease and weight problems.

Worms finding themselves surrounded by Dia-Min move out.

"Statistics show that in many areas more than 80% of the people have worms, and don't know it" 1


For years, experts in autopsy have found that nearly 70% of colons examined contained foreign matter including worms. Intestinal walls are encrusted with old, hardened plating similar to the dental plaque constantly forming on gums and teeth. These experts relate how the insidious "building of this hardened waste matter resembles the inside of a filthy stove-pipe." 2

Intestinal parasites multiply by the thousands in the warmth of the body's 98.6 degrees as they feed off refined sweets while nurturing family nests beneath layers of encrustations.

As related by one expert: "Often there is a craving for sugar and a ravenous appetite that no amount of eating seems to satisfy. Remember you have another living organism - or many organisms - in your system and this infestation needs sustenance. The food it preempts is food that your body would normally be utilizing. So your body demands more.

Once the intestines are cleansed and the worms and eggs eliminated, many of the symptoms disappear." 3

1. Dr. John Black, Uro-Analytical Procedures, 1977 p.178
2. Prof. Arnold Ehret, "Mucousless Diet Healing System" (1953) p.4
3. A.L. Gittleman, MS, staff nutritionist, NY Bellevue Hospital.


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Parasites, the Unrecognized Plague of Our Time? - written by Garcia Thompson.