Worms are still a health hazard

are still a health hazard

"Worms are the hidden cause of many problems"

--Dr.John R. Black

"90% of the population has worms."
--Dr.Donald W. Kelley

"The typical American diet is a risk for the ingestion of parasites from beef, pork and bacteria. "
-- Jethro Kloss

Worms can be obtained from pets, going barefooted, eating raw vegetables, shaking hands with people who have pets, picking flowers, drinking tap water, eating beef and pork and fish and fowl....and many other ways. Dr. Royal Lee says intestinal worms are a common cause of appendicitis, particularly in children.
Dia-Min is helpful because tapeworms cling to the intestinal walls. As bowel material moves along, it passes the worms. Dia-Min shreds the worms, destroying them. DC-1 is an effective Digestive Cleanser that flushes them out via the stool. The Parasite Package causes worms to "let go". Finish one bottle of each.

Continue to follow instructions. You will probably feel better than you have in a long time.