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Q & A

I've been trying to lose weight for years by lowering my calorie intake. Yet, you say I can "fill-up" on your program, and still lose weight?

Yes, This is usually due to the body cleansing itself, thus losing toxic bloat. If you're over or underweight, start my internal cleansing and proper food combining. Let your body tell you the amount of food it needs to satisfy the nutritional needs of cells. Keep in mind that weight loss is just a part of the benefits of improved health.

Besides feeling better, is there any other way to tell that Food Combining is working for me?

Yes, if you're having three bowel movements daily and your stools are softer and are without odor.

If I eliminate dairy products, where will I get my calcium?

This question comes up almost daily. Carrot juice, broccoli, kale, greens, dried peas and beans, as well as fruits, are all sources of quality calcium. Include some of these in your daily raw salad.

What causes constipation?

Briefly, the longer waste materials remain in the colon, the more moisture is absorbed from it, and the more dry and pressed together they become. As moisture is absorbed, the waste material becomes sticky. Continued dehydration cases a gluey material that sticks to the wall of the colon. When layer upon layer builds and hardens, the opening is narrowed.

A "tune-up" or special attention is needed to remove this gluey, hardened waste matter from the colon walls.

Does this just happen in the large colon?

No, this buildup can and does happen in the small intestine as well.

Is there a difference between carbohydrates and starch?

Starch is the from in which carbohydrates are stored in plants. Starch is found in whole grains, legumes, nuts, potatoes and other fibers. Just remember, for optimum digestion, do no mix concentrated protein with concentrated carbohydrates.

Aren't all fruits the same?

We eat according to the rule of Proper Food Combining. It's not my rule, or anybody's rule. Our body functions this way. We ignore body function and end up with indigestion. Even the deer in the park eat one food at a time. They eat one grass at a time, even though in spring, grasses are growing everywhere. Either they eat wild roses that day or they eat clover that day. We eat one fruit at a time because all fruits do no digest the same. While you are improving, you must conserve your energy. Follow my program.

I'm hypoglycemic. Doesn't eating fruit upset my condition?

The standard diet of meat and potatoes, chicken and rice, eggs and toast, macaroni and cheese, is acid producing and actually creates low blood sugar, which is another name for hypoglycemia. Fruit will help overcome hypoglycemia by removing the cause. Remember, the brain uses only one food sugar in the form of a natural sugar called glucose. If there is not enough natural sugar in the blood, an alarm does off - a symptom of hypoglycemia.

The sugar must be the right kind. Processed sugar (candy bar etc.) will make the situation worse. The kind of sugar that will do the job is fresh fruit.

Are tomatoes really a fruit?

The tomato has been called both a fruit and a vegetable, however, its acidic content gives it characteristics similar to that of acid fruits. Experiment and see how you feel after the various combinations. Everyone's system is different.


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