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I've had great results with DC-1. I no longer have constipation and I'm just happy with results. Can I just keep using it without bothering with all those levels?
You could do just that, however, you'd be missing out on a lot of health benefits that way. DC-1 begins to clean you colon. The years of buildup of old, hardened, mucoid plaque don't come off that easily. Don't be fooled, for example, by ads that say that a quicky one week cleanse will take care of it, No way.

DC-2 continues that process by acting like a broom to remove all of those deposits that DC-1 has begun to loosen. In addition, fiber has been shown to produce some really great benefits for your overall wellness regimen.

Fiber binds to cholesterol and triglycerides and carries them out of your body before they can get into your bloodstream where they can cause serious troubles. Fiber also promotes regularity and keeps old fecal matter form remaining in your eliminative system for too long where it putrefies and contributes to the development of colon cancer.

A couple of years ago, Leonard A Cohen, a researcher with the American Health Foundation, found that the benefits of a high-fiber intake can be extended to breast cancer. He found that colon and breast cancer tend to arrive at the same time. Estrogen is needed to initiate breast cancer, he said and his research suggests that fiber changes the way estrogen is metabolized, offering a protective effect against cancer.

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