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Is there a simple answer to all of your health problems?




I am pretty skeptical that one single program can be good for so many different problems. Could you please explain that point?

Because of the way they distribute nutrients and pick up waste products, among other things, they affect the whole body in a profound way. If you have impurities in these systems, or they don't function well, you will know it.

But both of these systems depend to a large degree on the proper functioning of the whole digestive and eliminative system for their own proper functioning. If you don't digest well, your blood stream and your lymph system will not get the proper nutrients, plus, they will be burdened with harmful substances. That in turn will overburden your liver, your kidneys and your heart.

When you look at how my program works, you can see how I very methodically include, in successive stages, a variety of cleansing products that care for the colon and circulatory system, then the liver and small intestines and thereby, indirectly, the lymph system as well. When these major systems are cleansed, your whole body will begin to function in the way it is designed to.

Add to that exercise and other nutritional and healing supplements such as aloe vera, chlorella or blue green algae, kelp, vitamins and minerals and you can begin to see why I have a stack of testimonies from people who were able to overcome ailments that at first glance seem to have nothing in common.

As I've said a hundred times before, I don't heal people, the body does that by itself, if only it is given the freedom to do. Cleanliness not only is close to godliness, it literally means freedom for the rivers of life inside of you to flow freely again.

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