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10. What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is simply cancer of the male prostate gland. This gland is made up of muscular tissue and has a spongy center of secreting cells divided into three lobes completely enclosed in a strong, muscular capsule. This gland is supplied with many nerves and blood vessels which not only carry nutrients to it but also carry waste away. Due to the buildup of toxic waste inside the intestines the prostate can become congested because waste material from it can not be removed properly. In fact, the waste from the blood and intestines will add even more waste to the prostate, contributing to further congestion. Glandular tissue is very sensitive to as well, causing further swelling of the tissue. If the tissue remains congested with waste material for too long, the delicate tissue inside the prostate will develop cancer cells which slowly grow, many times undetected. To reverse this, the individual has to thoroughly cleanse the intestines, liver and the blood. The proper pH must be maintained as well as reducing the intake of fat. Use of a whole foods diet with distilled water and ginseng is essential to properly nourishing the prostate. Chlorophyll from chlorella or blue green algae along with friendly bacteria will eliminate excessive bacteria, allowing the prostate to properly remove its own waste material and eliminate congestion. The addition of essential fatty acids has been found to be crucial to a healthy prostate as well.


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