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26. How do fungi, parasites, worms and viruses congregate in the human body?

We live in a hostile environment, surrounded daily by fungi, parasites, worms and viruses. We can become infected with worms and viruses from contact with people and by the air we breath. A fungus can also be gotten by contact. Parasites can be picked up from our foods, walking barefoot on contaminated soil, from animal contact and drinking water. As long as our bodies are clean internally, and we are eating ad diet of fresh, raw natural foods and clean water, these hostile invaders can not harm us. The problem arises when we try to live off of processed foods and fluids such as coffee and soft drinks. As the body collects wastes in the bowel and contaminates the blood, a person develops the perfect breeding ground for these unwanted invaders. The poor nutrition and accumulated waste weaken our immune system thereby allowing these invaders to flourish. By cleansing our bowels, liver and blood, and through eating healthy, fresh foods and drinking ginseng tea daily, we can develop a very strong immune system to combat these invaders. We need to keep our eliminative processes functioning at peak efficiency, which will allow our bodies to easily throw off any unwanted hostile invaders.


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