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27. What causes people to be overweight?

There are several factors which contribute to obesity. First and foremost is the fact that people who are obese eat too many processed foods over a long period of time. the liver becomes overburdened and cannot properly metabolize fats which then become stored in the body. Also, other low nutritional value of such processed foods contributes to malnutrition which means that the body does not receive the nutrients necessary to operate at peak efficiency, reducing one's health and slowing the metabolism. Also, people engage in low calorie diets in an effort to lose weight, which further slows the metabolism. To little exercise or no exercise is also a factor. Because a lot of people eat too much sodium and drink little pure water, the body tends to retain fluids which also contributes to being overweight. The high fat, high sugar diets with little fiber, contribute to bowel sluggishness or the inability to eliminate waste materials properly. This stored waste materials contribute to being overweight. The only way to eliminate this problem of being overweight, is to stop eating all processed foods and engage in a full body cleanse while incorporating the eating principles of the Hsu Program.


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