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44. What does a sallow complexion indicate and how can it be reversed?

Sallow means a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion. This type of complexion indicates cancerous or very congested liver. Liver problem such as this one are caused by extreme abuses. The person may drink alcohol heavily and/or be a smoker. Also, a diet rich in fried foods, sugar and white flour can contribute to the breakdown of the liver. To reverse this situation, the person would have to eliminate all bad habits. Distilled water with ginseng and raw carrot juices should be used daily. DC-1, DC-2, DC-3 would be incorporated into the diet to cleanse the bowels. These bowel cleansers, along with ginseng, will eliminate toxins and waste allowing the liver to recuperate. To help cleanse the liver and strengthen it, LIV-C should be used daily. Proper food combining with a 50% to 70% raw foods diet will also help cleanse and nourish the liver. Enzymes, used daily, will assist in assimilating nutrients and relieving the liver of extra work while healing. To further assist the liver, dry skin brushing should be used daily. This will speed up the elimination of toxins, reducing the stress to the liver as well.


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